Driving directions

Car Chateau Hostačov is hidden away in the forest by the villages of Skryje and Hostačov, so some people have trouble finding us. If you are using a GPS, please be aware that the access road to the chateau does not show up on many GPS units or maps, and you so you will probably be guided to the closest point on a road it can find – the bottom of the cliff on top of which the Chateau stands! If this is the case, follow the road uphill and you will soon be there. The thing to remember is, that once you arrive in Hostačov or Skryje, drive through the village until you see the sign that one village ends, and the other starts. Here, there is a linded tree lined avenue going off to one side. Enter this road and continue along it into the forest. The chateau is at the end of the road. If using a GPS, type in Hostacov – there is only one. If you type in Skryje, there are a number of options – choose the one with either Havlíckův Brod, or Golčův Jeníkov. Hostačov is located 2km from major road 38 that leads from Jihlava to Nymburk. You can reach this road by travelling along motorways D1(E50, E65) from Prague-Brno, or the quicker way is by D11(E67) from Prague – Hradec Kralove. For a more peaceful drive through the countryside, take major road no. 2 from Prague – Kutna Hora or no.12 Praha- Kolín, which are considerably shorter routes, but may take longer due to the slower road. Once on road 38 head towards Golčův Jeníkov, between Čáslav an Havlíčkův Brod. About 1km north of this town, by a big yellow building – the “Motorest na Písku” there is a sign for Hostačov – 2km, turning east, turn here. You will cross railway tracks and go downhill, and continue to follow the signs to Hostačov. Once you have gone along the cobblestone road and passed the village of Skryje you will see the sign for the village Hostačov. On the lefthand side you will see a linden-tree lined avenue. Turn here and go along the avenue and into the forest at the end of it. As you descend into the forest you will first see the old stables, the lake and finally the chateau! If you have trouble finding us, give us a call!


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