Group programs

We understand that when you have a large group together the last thing you want is for people to get bored and feel there is nothing to do.

Chateau Hostačov - pool

Whilst you are welcome to put together your own fun activities, we can offer you the following should you be interested:

  • Guided degustations of wines from various parts of the world, or whiskey or liquer tastings.
  • Hire of the latest in interactive gaming technology – the Microsoft x-box with kinect, play tournaments in many sports like golf, tennis or skiing without the use of a controller or joystick. This technology senses your body movement and this guides game play, ensuring hours of competitive fun
  • Croquet, Badminton, table tennis or pool tournaments with explanations of the rules if required.
  • A lesson in the english gentlemans game of cricket – Try something new in the Czech republic and allow a Czech national team player to explain to your group in an interactive way how this game is played and why it is the third most played sport in the world. Finish with a fun game using your newly learned skills.
  • Golf course
  • ATVs

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