The present

Since 2007 the Chateau has been in private hands and after a number of years of renovations and getting the atmosphere just right we opened as a hotel in 2010.

Our management come from Czech, Australia and South Africa, with experience in the industry in other corners of the globe, we know our geusts’ needs because we have been in their shoes before. We aim to let you get as much or as little out of your time here as you wish.

Currently, the goal of bringing back the Chateau and it’s grounds into its’ former glory is still underway, and any and all proceeds that come from the hotel go, and are forseen to go back into the building for quite some time yet.

All necessary steps are taken to ensure that no renovations out of character with the building and it’s history is undertaken, and we believe that upon breathing in the Chateau’s atmosphere our visitors will appreciate these efforts.


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